Saturday, January 28, 2006



Submitting Announcements
If anyone has an announcement for the bulletin please be sure to give it to Sis. Donella Harlee on Sunday so that it can be approved by Pastor for the following week.

If anyone has not been Baptized please see Pastor Rushdan that she may arrange your date for Baptismal Counseling and your Baptism.  Remember that Baptism Seals and Completes your membership in heaven as well as the church.

New Class Leaders Ministry
Bethel Madison introduces its newest ministry.  The Class Leaders Ministry will be divided into 4 classes.  The Class Leader is appointed annually and is to watch over those members in their class as to their spiritual needs (that they are working out their soul’s salvation).  A Class Leader is to report to the official Board (First the Pastor) those who are sick and those who may walk disorderly and are in the need of Spiritual Guidance by the Pastor.  Every member will have a class leader.  The following persons have been assigned as Class Leaders:

Class #1  Sis. Camille Haynes
Class #2  Sis. Lisa Castro
Class #3  Evang. Pam Underhill
Class #4  Sis. Patricia Morris
Class #5  Sis. Pam Donacien
Class #6  Bro. Charles Morris

CPR Course from American Red Cross
The Nurses Unit will be hosting a CPR course provided by the American Red Cross.  The cost is $45 and the course is for 4 hours. Please see Sis. Patricia Morris to register.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness
If you believe that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” Please see Bro. Charles Morris so that you can help keep God’s House clean.  All you need is a willing Spirit.

Historical Bethel Madison Materials Wanted
Pastor Rushdan is working steadily to have Bethel recognized formally as a historical site and is also pursuing funding from the New Jersey Historic Trust Fund, The Morris County Historic Trust Fund, and The Victoria Foundation.  If anyone has any pictures of Bethel Madison from the 19th Century (1885-1903) or early 20th Century (1905-1945) also to the present day, or perhaps you have old movie footage, or old newspaper clippings, please see Pastor.

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